Born in Coventry England in 1986 Emma Lucy Shaw aka Lucy Delics, had a typical working class upbringing. Creativity for the most part was killed via the dull educational system not really designed to generate creative minds. Growing up in the decaying post war landscape was uninspiring for the most part, however the weekend trips to the countryside and the yearly family holiday to North Wales spoke to her inner Druid. Emma Lucy felt a lot of connection to the mystical realms as a young child and this link was nearly lost as she entered her teens in a harsh concrete jungle with little inspiration. Her imagination kept her dreaming of mystical landscapes during the deaths of both her parents in her mid to late teens.

The transition into adulthood was not easy and creativity was buried as survival mode set in. Gaining a degree in Archaeology Emma Lucy's appetite for adventure and travel grew. Her personal situation grew increasingly challenging without her parents to help guide her. This led her to seek work in hotels that offered accommodation, food and pay. This path took her to many beautiful places such as the Scottish Highlands, the Arctic Lapland, the Norwegian fjords and the English Lake District.

It was in the Lake District in 2012 where creativity started to slowly come back to Emma Lucy, as she became one with the landscape of her ancestors. When September came she would often hunt for magic mushrooms and find a stone circle to reconnect to what was forgotten for modernity. From this base she found the courage to seek the adventure she felt had been waiting for her since childhood, Peru!

At the end of 2012 Emma Lucy found herself in the Amazon volunteering on an Ayahuasca retreat. Here she experienced some of the most profound experiences of her life where her creativity was fully restored. Everyday she would draw a picture that eventually evolved into painting. With the encouraging words of people close by during this process she was able to find self belief in her ability and remembered she was an artist, she had just buried this. But as memories of childhood came flooding back, she saw this was what she was made to do.

Her travels took her to many new landscapes but eventually Emma Lucy found her way back to Peru. Where she made good friends and family. The biggest journey awaited her in the Andean mountains, Motherhood. This is where she still dwells, painting and creating away and living a peaceful humble life within the ancient landscape of the once Incan stronghold.

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